Byron Forums- July 24


6pm @ Cafe Oska, 1 Carlyle St, Byron Bay
Topic: Gaza Genocide

This comment from Common Dreams website encapsulates well the heartbeat of the Gaza massacre and provides a starting place for the forum discussion:

“The entire Western media always frames each and every violent murder of a Palestinian as a neceessary ‘retaliatory’ strike based on any previous attack by Palestinians at any time. Just as easily the media could have said… “home made rockets were fired into Israel in response to the 6 year imprisonment of 1.8 millions peaople living in Gaza. Ever since the prisoners of Gaza democratically elected someone to represent them that was not a stooge of D.C. or Tel Aviv, Israelis in close consultation with the U.S. have been trying to figure out a way to muder all 1.8 million inhabitants in case they grew uncomcomfortable with their indefinite imprisonment.
Forttunately for the Israelis, one Israeli tank carries more firepower than all of the home made rockets ever fired into Israel combined providing an unfair advantge in suppressing the Palestinians. The building of extermination camps wouldn’t sit well with many Israelis, so therefore the palestinians will be culled in a more ‘humane’ method using everything from phosphorous bombs to old fashioned bullets. Many Palestinains who comitted the crime of owning a home in an area coveted by Israeli settlers, have had their homes expropriated, bulldozed and replaced with bitter, racist settlers who hate all arabs equally. The displaced Palestinians as a result are now locked up in Gaza in the hopes that not a single Palestinian vents their anger at the Israeli State or else mass murder will ensue to keep the prisoners in line.
Meanwhile the Israeli government who denies that they are racist in any shape or form, continue to espouse their views that a single Israeli soldier’s death is a greater tragedy that the death of a thousand Palestinain children and their mothers. Because Israelis consider themselves to be the ‘chosen people’ and the fact that Israel has a massive and secret nuclear arsenal capable of ending life on the planet as we know it, gives them the moral high ground in any discussion of a possible peace with their prisoners.”


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